Team NC Gymnastics’ May winner is…..Jailyn Matteson from New Bern Gymnastics!!🥳

“Jailyn has been a part of the New Bern Gold Gymnastics Team and this season has been physically and mentally taxing on her. In the beginning of the season she broke her hand, which stopped her from taking part in the first AAU qualifier. She sat on those side lines giving her team mates continuous feedback while performing her conditioning circuits determined to return sooner rather than later. She came back and took part in the Gala meet and one AAU qualifier before severely injuring the ligament in her foot. This put her out of practice again. Emotionally she was all over the place, tired of being injured, ready to progress to new skills like her peers. She felt like she had came to the end of her gymnastics. After some motivational speeches from the team and coaches she followed her physical therapy and was able to return to take part in the State and Regional championships. Jailyn finished regionals as 1st place AA champ in her age division, scoring her highest all year.

To see this kid come back from all of her troubles this season and finish on top was so emotional for her, her parents and her coaches. She is the epitome of what makes AAU. She has shown strength and resilience, she has stood tall when her injuries have knocked her down and continued to be there for her team mates. AAU gymnastics has allowed her the opportunity to come back from 2 injuries in one season and still finish strong. AAU Gymnastics gives Jailyn the confidence to know she can over come any obstacle she may face and still be successful.”

Congratulations Jailyn!!🤩

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